Ten legal things that your employees need to know


If you are the sort of Employer who likes to guide your staff from time to time on how to improve themselves and you have exhausted your diatribes on safety, working as a team and not putting cigarette butts out the window then law is the subject for you. 

Here are 10 legal things that your employees need to know:

  1. Do not write down your insults in emails. It is too easy to prove if the company and you are sued for defamation.
  2. Illegal downloads (music, pornography etc.) do not disappear when you press the delete button.
  3. Don’t take the client list or reveal our secrets when you leave or we will sue your pants off.
  4. Emails can be binding legal contracts. Don’t unwittingly commit the company.
  5. Court cases waste time and money and take the focus off business do not get us involved in disputes.
  6. If we get into legal proceedings because of you even if you are in the right, we are likely to settle the proceedings before we get anywhere near court having incurred a great deal of expense and time lost. In that event, we will hate you forever.
  7. In every major court case now there is a “smoking gun” email. Don’t let it be yours.
  8. One man’s humour is another woman’s harassment and ticket to a payout.
  9. If the company gets sued for your negligence, then we can sue you too.
  10. We are responsible for every act you do as an employee. So watch it.
Having a list will help your employee avoid behaviour which causes knee jerk reactions in companies that people regret later
Also having a numbering system will allow you to go immediately into a ballistic rage without having to stop and explain what aspect of your employee’s conduct has offended you.  This is especially useful for high blood pressure sufferers.

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