Courts Will Enforce Contacts

It may be depressing to be told that if you enter into a deal to do something with someone else, the Courts expect you to honour your part of the bargain. But what if the other party doesn’t deliver on time, has lousy products and makes a pass at your spouse? 

Courts can be a little relaxed on how quickly or well contracts are performed provided that they are performed. For instance, if you are a fairly “average” supplier of goods you are probably much relieved. However, the point is that provided the buyer goes through with the contract, however difficult this may be, he can still sue you for being a useless supplier and recover his losses after the event. He can still go to a court during the contract and get you wrapped over the knuckles for being slack and get an order for you to pay the costs. 

Generally, Courts will not protect you from yourself and if you enter into a lousy deal however unfair, you are on your own. 

The bottom line is that commerce works because “contracts are contracts” and Courts are very mindful of this when faced with someone who wants to get out of a contract.

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