How to Make Contract Terms Stick

You may be pleased to hear that there is a way that you can make a person entering into a contract with you “jump when you say jump”. It is to have a contract or a certain term that dots every “i” and crosses every “t” in such a way that nothing is left to the imagination. Courts will respect such a rigid framework and not disregard the strict intention of the parties. If you are a tedious, pedantic person, you could try to draft your own “rigid term” contract; however, it may be best left to your lawyer. A good example of this is a standard property contract, which has page after page of small print. 

But in every important deal that you enter into, there will be certain parts of the contract that you want to stick. Now, you can let your lawyer guess what these areas are, or you can say what you think they may be. Some lawyers are very good at guessing depending on their experience (especially in retrospect if you or your previous lawyer have messed up the deal), but it is quicker and easier for you to give the matter some thought and make sure that the terms of the contract target particular common issues in your industry.

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